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You are what you eat. So why not grow your own food that's where it starts, once you set off you realize farming isn't as simple as putting a seed in the soil, you need to manage pests sunlight exposure constant watering and a whole lot attention and work. Even Putting in all the effort cannot protect your baby plants when you have to take a vacation. So we came up with a simpler equation You sit back and pamper yourself with good food while your Pod-Farm pamper your greens to get you just that Growing your own hydroponic herbs at home is just as easy as ordering take-out! Just put in your BlueLeaves NanoFarm, add water and nutrients, and let it grow. This herb station with a fresh oxygenated water system keeps the roots healthy and the herbs purify the air in your home.All of that means you can enjoy fresh herbs all year long, with less work than ever before!

Nano Farm - Ambience Edition

    1. 8 x Netpots
    2.  8 x Foam Grow cubes
    3. 2 x 250ml BlueBoost Hydroponic Nutrients
    4. 8 x Humidity Domes
    5. Exotic Seed vials
    6. Power Adapter
    7. User Manual
    8. Farming Proud Sticker Set
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