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This incredible product includes everything you need to start growing your own plants from scratch. The seed vial contains a variety of high-quality seeds that are carefully selected to ensure the best possible germination rates and healthy growth.To make the growing process as easy and efficient as possible, we've also included a pack of 6 growcubes. These cubes are made from a special blend of all-natural materials that promote healthy root growth and help plants establish themselves quickly. Simply plant your seeds in the cubes and watch them grow! Our seed vial and growcube pack is perfect for anyone looking to start their own garden or grow a few plants indoors. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a complete beginner, this product is easy to use and produces fantastic results.

  • Superior Quality Seeds
  • Best in class germination, Suitable for all Seasons, Fresh Seeds
  • High Quality Seeds with Germination rate of above 80%
  • Best for Terrace/Balcony/Poly House Gardening
  • Easy to Grow - Can be grown in indian climate/weather conditions

Blueleaves Farms Hydroponic Lettuce Seeds and Pack of 6 Growcubes

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