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Homegrown is best!.This grower is a compact yet productive garden for urban dwellers who still want to grow their own veggies.Our easy-to-use "plug & plant" system will supply you with your daily dose of healthy vegetables, while saving you time, money, and energy.You can enjoy delicious food grown with love.All the reason to go green in your balcony.


Vegetable Station - Patio Edition

₹14,999.00 Regular Price
₹12,999.00Sale Price
  • Tomatoes Cucumbers Chilli Cherry tomato Brinjal Beans Peppermint Basil Lettuce

    Melons Bitter gourd Beetle leaf Bottle gourd Ridge gourd Bell pepper Spring onion Chives Dill

    Sponge gourd Spinach Coriander Sorrel Malabar Spinach and lots more.

    • 25.25" x 17" x 59" of your space
    • 4.5 units/month(Rs.5/unit) of Electricity
    • 50-60 Litres of water a month
    • Grow cubes and seeds for a new plant
    • 1000ml nutrition bottles that lasts upto 3-4 months.
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